The Illinois CPA Society’s Strategic Initiatives

Larry Soldinger, the managing partner of L J Soldinger Associates, LLC, in Deer Park, Illinois, oversees the daily operations of the full-service certified public accounting firm. Dedicated to active participation in the professional community, Larry Soldinger belongs to several professional organizations, including the Illinois CPA Society.

The Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS) was founded in 1903 with the mission of representing CPAs in the state and advancing the profession. The Society has developed four strategic initiatives to accomplish its mission. One is advocacy. The organization is committed to supporting a positive image of CPAs and representing the professional interests of the field by serving as a voice for CPAs before state and federal regulatory organizations.

Information and education are the ICPAS’ second and third initiatives. The organization gives members access to a variety of information that is curated for the specific needs of its different member groups. Meanwhile, the ICPAS provides high-quality training and educational opportunities to accounting and financing professionals in order to help them maintain their accounting edge and advance their careers.

Finally, the ICPAS serves as a hub for professional networking. These connections are facilitated in the hopes of promoting professional recognition among the organization’s members. Additionally, through these ICPAS networking opportunities, members maintain access to a much wider range of resources during all stages of their careers.