Michelin Star Rating System

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Michelin Stars
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Based in Deer Park, Illinois, Larry Soldinger is the managing partner of L J Soldinger Associates, LLC, an accounting firm he founded in 1989. In his free time, Larry Soldinger enjoys exploring the world and eating at Michelin-rated restaurants.

Most people have heard of the Michelin Stars, which are awarded to the highest-quality restaurants around the world. The rating system began in 1900, when the Michelin tire company released a guidebook to France in order to encourage people to take road trips throughout the country. In 1926, Michelin started sending anonymous reviewers who are passionate about food to different restaurants to rate them. Since then, the reviewing corps has grown into a full-time staff.

The rating system is based only on the food, not on the service or the restaurant décor, and runs from zero to three stars. A one-star restaurant is very good, has a consistently high standard of food, and is worth visiting if it is on your route. A two-star restaurant is worth making a detour. Finally, a three-star restaurant offers exceptional cuisine and merits a special trip.


BottleRock Napa Valley Unites Top Culinary and Musical Professionals

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BottleRock Napa Valley
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Since 1989, Larry Soldinger has worked as managing partner for the accounting firm L J Soldinger Associates in Deer Park, Illinois. Larry Soldinger and his wife Edie have two sons, Ben and Shane. Ben is a partner at the accounting firm, while Shane is a singer and songwriter in northern California with his band the Silverado Pickups. The band recently played at the BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival for the third consecutive year. The festival includes some of the world’s top musicians performing on four stages alongside a culinary stage with celebrity chefs and dozens of the area’s finest restaurateurs, vintners, and brewers.

In 2016, the BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival took place May 27-29 at the Napa Valley Expo, with Stevie Wonder kicking off the event. Other performers on the first day included Lenny Kravitz, Andy Grammer, and Buddy Guy. The second day of the festival saw the Silverado Pickups, Death Cab for Cutie, Walk the Moon, and headliner Florence + the Machine. To close out the festival, the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed, as did The Lumineers, X Ambassadors, and the Napa Valley Youth Symphony. The 2017 festival is scheduled for May 26-28.