Two Michelin Star-Rated Restaurants to Try in Europe

A managing partner at LJ Soldinger Associates, Larry Soldinger has dedicated more than two decades to leading the full-service certified public accounting firm. In his spare time, Larry Soldinger enjoys traveling to dine at Michelin-rated restaurants throughout Europe.

While in Europe, USA Today suggests visiting Pic-Valence and La Pergola, restaurants holding the prestige of a Michelin star-rating. Run by Anne Sophie Pic, one of the few Michelin-rated female chefs worldwide, Pic-Valence’s rich history spans more than 125 years. The establishment has achieved three stars during each generation of ownership. Patrons indulge in country fare elevated with gourmet ingredients, like pigeon and frog legs, with timeless recipes including its famous sea bass with caviar dish.

La Pergola also maintains a three-star rating by Michelin. Located in the Rome Cavalieri Hotel, the restaurant offers customers a picturesque view of the city while they dine on dishes created by international award-winning Chef Heinz Beck. The menu consists of seasonal produce paired with unique ingredients, such as Iberian suckling pig. The restaurant also houses in excess of 53,000 bottles of wine, with some dating as far back as 1888.