Three-star Michelin Restaurants in the United States

Larry Soldinger is a respected accountant and business consultant who has guided L J Soldinger Associates for more than two decades. A travel enthusiast, Larry Soldinger enjoys fine dining and wines, particularly in Michelin-rated restaurants across the globe. Only elite restaurants receive the highly coveted three-star rating. Nine such restaurants are in the United States, with six in New York City.

Masa in Time Warner Center is one of New York’s most famous three-star rated restaurants. Led by chef Masa Takayama, the restaurant is famous for exquisite Japanese dishes. Reportedly America’s most expensive restaurant, the tasting menu for two costs around $1,000. Another perennial Manhattan favorite is Per Se, which has a $310 per person prix fixe menu. The restaurant is famous for its urban version of the culinary style featured at chef Thomas Keller’s three-star rated The French Laundry in the Napa Valley. Chicago only has one Michelin three-star restaurant, Chef Grant Achatz’s Alinea, which offers artistic platings and a creative twist on modern cuisine.


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